Last minute: President Erdoğan: this soul stands …

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the phrase "No one can prevent our country from reaching its goal of 2023, reaching its vision of 2053 and 2071, while this spirit, which made it possible to achieve the Malazgirt victory, stands firm."

President Erdogan, 1071 Malazgirt Victory 947-year anniversary due to finding the Twitter account.

On the anniversary of the Malazgirt victory, Sultan Alparslan, the great commander, and the martyrs of the martyrs, mercy and gratitude, Erdogan can not prevent anyone from reaching the vision of 2053 and 2071 and reaching the goal of 2023 in our country, instead of standing in the spirit of being able to win the Malazgirt victory. The assessment found.

The Turkish armed forces (TSK), the August 26 Malazgirt Victory and the August 30 Victory Day, due to the anniversary of the clip, were published.

Minister of Finance Berat Albayrak shared the message that he shared Malazgirt via Twitter. Albayrak message, "With the anniversary of the Malazgirt victory, which opened the gates of Anatolia for us, Sultan Alparslan and all the heroic martyrs who came to this country from this country, especially Merciful and grateful." He said.


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