Last minute: The Gospel of the Metropolitan Church of Istanbul, Mevlut Uysal – Calendar

Metropolitan Mayor of Istanbul Mayor Mevlut Uysal, who participated in the television program, made important statements. Re-candidacy for the question, "" as long as the task is to work with our strength, "he replied.

Here are the heads of the explanation of the metropolitan mayor Mevlut Uysal of Istanbul;


We are the city with the most metroconstructions in the world. I did not do the walking walks on the agenda when I did not do this again this year. If the economic crisis is an attack on our country, everyone should support it.

This year we have not increased the transport to the bus in this respect, I say better against Istanbullularara. As a country, we have experienced difficult times.


We are the man of duty. I can do everything we can. If another candidate is appointed, we will continue to work with our strengths until the moment of the assignment.

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