Last minute: the market in the market! First his wife, then …

Accident, Erzurum – Ağrı Highway, Recreation facility Özdemirler took place at the intersection. According to the information received, the driver of 25 SF 959 plate cars not yet determined, Erzurum – Hınıs between the transport of 25 SK 421 plate collided at the intersection. With the collision the car was driven out of the way and he turned to the middle refueling.

2 women in the van in the car and 2 people in the car, including a total of 4 people were injured. A disastrous accident was mobilized by health and police teams, with passersby to drop off his wife while the driver stuck in the car. It was a real accident in the life of the driver's market, after which his wife was the result of long efforts. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Erzurum by ambulance. Accident investigation was started.

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