Last minute … The minister has announced the new campaign in the residence! Here is an example of a mortgage payment plan

According to the information provided by the Authority, there will be no bank or bail in the housing campaign which starts today and lasts until 31 October. An interim payment of 15 percent will take place on the 12th and 24th month. The difference of 0.98 percent is applied in 120 months.

The sales price of the projects is reduced by 10 percent.

The agency stated that the campaign included 100,000 houses and that all construction companies would participate.

The payment table that the Agency shows as an example in the meeting:

The agency explained the payment plan for an apartment of 300 thousand pounds as follows:

"For example, a flat rate of 300 thousand lira & # 39; s is reduced to 270 thousand lira & # 39; s, which are paid with 10% down payment, the first interim payment of 40,500 lira corresponds to 15% after 12 months, 500 pound of interim payment will be made, corresponding to 60 percent of the house price of 162 thousand pounds will be vardirecek.Thus, the buyer with a term of 120 months with a monthly interest of 0.98 percent will pay 2 thousand 302 pounds .

Sample payment plan for £ 1 million apartment:

The price of the apartment: 1 million pounds
Discounted price: 900 thousand pounds
Prepayment: 90 thousand pounds
12 months interim payment: 135 thousand pounds
24 months interim payment: 135 thousand pounds
If the basic amount is: 540 thousand pounds
Monthly installment: 7,673 pounds
Total payment, with the exception of down payment: Lit 1 million 190,724
Flat price of apartment: 1 million 280 thousand 724 pounds

The information provided by the Authority at the press conference is as follows:

"The essence of the campaign is that there is a discount of 10 percent on the sales price of the projects, the deposit is at least 10 percent, but this deposit is related to our citizen who is currently evaluating the investment with foreign currency and gold. price of the apartment with this increase are reduced.

Therefore, it is not a matter for anyone to keep the currency and gold. The price increase will decrease both the price of the apartment and the down payment of the individual. In the 12th and 24th months there are 15 percent interim payments. For the remaining 120 months, the contracts with the bank and the guarantor for the 60% part with the difference of 0.98 months per month, our managers will carry out the loans themselves. If we look at the total amount of the apartment, it is about 84 percent maturity.

Within six months or a year there are separate benefits for those who want to close their debts. The lack of bank and bail is a great offer from contractors and industry.

This national attitude, national unity and national mobilization are disturbing. Today our sector does not win our day, but sacrificial day. At present, our ministry and our state clearly show this position. Our citizens have always been with the state. We have drawn up 100-day action plans. We have about 39 actions and we do not stop taking action. We continue our journey with the same determination and determination. "


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