Last minute | Two terrorists with PKK were arrested in Şırnak!

According to the information obtained from the safety sources, an operation was organized for the provincial gendarmerie command teams about the information that the Iraqi border would enter the country at the site of Şenoba Çukuryayla in the Uludere district.

In operation 2 PKK terrorists were caught with 1 long running weapon and 1 M16 rifle.

They question the gendarmes of the determined terrorists, who are determined to be Delightful Benefits, code-named "Mazlum Goyi", Mazlum Kaçan and "Hero".


The Ministry of the Interior has announced that two terrorists from the Şıroba region in northern Iraq have been arrested in the province of Şırnak in Uludere. It is said that one of the captured terrorists is the Mazlum Escaped code, named Mazlum Goyi, the so-called Kel Mehmet Front trio executive member.

In the written statement of the Ministry of the Interior, "Two terrorists from the northern Iraqi region of Senoba were seized together with the weapons of the Uludere District Gendarmerie Comunity in the province of Sirnak-Uludere, and it was found that one of the terrorists which was confiscated was the Mazlum Kaçan, code-named Mazlum Goyi, the so-called Kel Mehmet Front, the triple executive member, and the other was the lucky Charmin named terrorist, one dragunov (kanas) brand gun, one m16 infantry rifle and one radio were confiscated with the terrorists ".

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