Latest news Soldiers injured in the middle of the street could not be saved

Last Minute Development Details of the soldiers who were wounded in the news on 22 August 2018 Wednesday morning

The expert sergeant, who had been shot with a cannon in the district of Şebinkarahisar in Giresun, could not be saved despite all the interventions in the hospital where he was removed. 22 August 2018 Wednesday 00:00. Soldiers injured in the middle of the street could not be saved. Giresun …

According to the news on the site, the sergeant, who was shot with weapons in Arink Giresun district Şebinkarahisar, could not be saved despite all the interventions in the hospital where he was removed.

The soldier wounded in the middle of the street to read the details of the news from his source could not be saved.

Last minute Agenda news and details of the day:

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Explanation of & # 39; logo & # 39; from Metro Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) Metro Istanbul reported that "the news that the" M "-logos represented the metro would be replaced and that millions of expenses would be spent on this change" is unfounded. The Twitter account of İBB Metro Istanbul

Muslim Dogan resigns from HDP

Müslüm Doğan, who was appointed as provisional aid development ministry in the general elections of 7 June 2015 and resigned four months later, was re-elected to Izmir deputy in the HDP elections on 1 November 2015. 7 June 2015 …

Priest Brunson demanded, the prosecutor's office gave his consent! He bought the treadmill from the house.

Security measures in the streets and apartments of the American priest Andrew Craig Brunson in Izmir are under house arrest. Police officers who fly together did not disturb the measure in Kurban Bayramı & # 39; nda. Meanwhile, at the request of Brunson …

Terrible event in Adana! The 4-year-old child was in the construction of the body and the mother in the cemetery!

The police reported that the family members of a four-year-old from Adana's parents who had psychological problems in Kozan, the mother and the child could not hear. Police services, after a while the mother Fatma Ö & # 39; ü Fehmi Özel Türkay …

Citizens are again focused on PKK

Gönül Parlak, who visited the tomb of his neighbor in the village of Ramazan led by Nazımiye, yesterday went with his nose to the village of Dogantaş yesterday when the explosion erupted. Terrorism is a clear, heavy …

He committed suicide after killing his granddaughter, 80 years old.

Bolu's 80-year-old grandfather in the village of Çatacık Göynük died with a gun after he committed suicide. Share Tweet+ a. He committed suicide after he had killed his great-granddaughter. News photo & # 39; s · News All photos & # 39; s (Total 13

The walls of the street were washed and filled with ironed clothes

After washing in Yalova and ironing, all the clothes hanging on the street turned into a miracle. Unknown to be hung by a kimono, the "good festivities" notation showed unprecedented help. Yalova & # 39; s Bahçelievler

Happy sacrifice! Here are the most special sacrificial party messages …

The believers are happy that they have access to a festival. We congratulate your Sacrifice Feast with all our best wishes. If you want to make your friends happy with a message and celebrate your festival, you can take advantage of the blessings of technology …

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