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The incident took place in Küçükdikili Mahallesi in the city of Seyhan. 45 YB 0865 plate car under the control of Deniz Bezek, the passenger of the machinist passing through the pass, the name of the locomotive çarpt. On the car skan Deniz Bezek died at the scene of the accident. Bezek, who came on the scene of the accident, claimed that the officer had started the accident because he had not closed the bar. He is not in the club of the TCDD officer and he is the prominent figure of Bezek, who is still ahead of the winner. Humber of policemen and TOMA came on the spot. The incident ended when the police intervened.

Starting from the fire brigade crew, the Adzan Forensic Medicine Institute was removed from the body for the autopsy of Bezek's body.

The investigation into the accident has started.

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After the accident, he was taken into custody if he was the TCDD officer who was responsible for the obstacles. The smi unspecified officer in question at the police station said the incident was going to the toilet in the moment. When he returned, he fainted and panicked and escaped from the scene.

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