Mahir Ünal: Kurt was thrown away – The right address for financial news

He stated that he worked with higher coordination with a high degree of coordination and duties, and stressed the importance of the presidential government system in the statement of the journalists after the flag ceremony for the Government of Kahramanmaraş.

"It was a demonstration of how well the new government system worked, and it was extremely important in terms of not seeing the effects of the economy under one roof", said Mr. Ünal, who reminded us that there was a foreign exchange campaign focused on the economy. the incident was rejected with a nation's resistance, "he said.

Unal, said the presidential government system is a great determination and courage has led to persecuted: "This means that Turkey is a quick way to get in. So now both in politics and stones on the government is in place, and a higher coordination said "phrases he was used.

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