Malazgirt News – Erdogan: It is not an issue of Erdogan, Turkey is an issue

Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that the Malazgirt victory, which opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks, made a speech during the ceremonies of the 947-year anniversary, saying that diplomacy of politics and technology from the economy should be totally strong . Otherwise, this nation does not give you the right to live for one day in this geography or in the world, Erdogan said, "You see how we are being overthrown or touched, like the wanderers … No, it's a question of Turkey The problem is the issue of Islam in the person they symbolize our nation, "he said.
The 947th birthday celebrations of the Malazgirt Victory were held with enthusiasm this year, just like last year. In the framework of the organization organized by the Archery Foundation under the chairmanship of the presidency, the ceremony was held in the ceremonial area. Because of the warm weather in the rally area that was built in the National Park 1071, water was washed over the citizens with fountains. President Erdogan and the plane with the invitations landed at Mus Airport at 12.30. Erdogan and his descendants, from here helicopters went to Bitlis in the district of Ahlat. After the ceremony, Erdoğan arrived at the Malazgirt district of Muş at 3:00 PM. Erdogan, who came to the area where the celebrations were made and was welcomed with enthusiasm, addressed the crowd gathered here. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted thousands of people who filled the square with flags.
Erdogan warned the drivers to go back to the road to talk after his holiday, wanted to be careful and follow the traffic rules. MHP president Devlet Bahceli answered the proposal to establish the presidential palace in Ahlat, where Sultan Alparslan set up the location: "In fact, August 26, August 24, Ahlat was located in Ahlat.At the occasion of a visit to Ahlat on August 26, Ahlat got a presidential residence because his sultan Sultan Alparslan settled there, and he said that there was such a rule as his heirs.Today we talked to the governor and the mayor, they thought about 1071 square meters of space and said & # 39; No, 1071 square meters living space & # 39 ;. We will construct the landscape, at least 5 hectares are needed, the mayor will come and say & # 39; we will make 10 hectares. & # 39; We will make such a center in a very short time with the Seljuk architect and we will then come to Malazgirt, "he said.
Erdogan, who asked not to forget the Malazgirt soul, said in his speech:
"If we forget the soul of Malazgirt, in which country we find ourselves, our geography, we declare that we are a nation and what kind of people we are in Malazgirt, and if we change Malazgirt into a nation and turn it into a zafar, we come from the Mongol invasion, If we do not let the Malazgirt soul live, we lose our future together with our past We have to look at this furnace we have declared as a national park, not as a stone earth, but as the heart of civilization It is not only the beginning of our story, but also the sign of independence and destiny, remembering remembering who we are, to understand why we are here, to know why we are here, to remember that we are here, one nation, one flag, one homeland, one state, we mean it tightly, two clinging to say means more work for our 2023 goals, it means reaching 2023, 2053 and 2071 is big enough to the vision , powerful means of building a reputable Turkey. Everything is tied together, such as chain rings. Whatever ring you take out of this chain, the future of civilization will be in danger. & # 39;
& # 39; Exit & # 39;
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who wants to keep the place where Ecdad keeps his footsteps in his footsteps, said: "This great miracle stretching out of the fortress is very good." Protect Muhammad Aleyhisselam, Hazrat Umar and Yavuz Sultan Selim as if you were the guardian of This city is for Malazgirt, Ahlat, take possession of Selçukluya, Ottoman, ye çıkır.Söğüt & # 39; at all times, Take advantage of the Ottoman capitals that stretch from Edirne to Istanbul and the Balkans, and do not let your confidence fall wherever Ecdad goes and where you deserve your heart Salvation Be very good to our war and republic, without forgetting under what circumstances this sacrifice can be saved with sacrifice, Give the struggle to advance our country, "he said.
President Erdogan, who asked to be retained on July 15, continued his words as follows:
"The Turkish nation's faith, prayer, flag, freedom, to remember altogether for the future this historic event that can arise, do not forget, you both are this nation, and this nation, umudus all of humanity. every period only of its territory, consisting of its citizens not only the face of the iceberg, but the civilization of history, the responsibility of mankind in history.We are in this responsibility since we started with the affairs of our country and the world, and we act with our responsibility to bring our ideals through politics We work in whatever area you work, I see you as the younger generation Asım in the dream of Mehmet Akif I see master Necip Fazil as the young man who is willing to put the case of the Anatolian continent in front of him. "You will walk on the day you get the young man's sign, the people will walk from behind & # 39; I will ie how the youth describes as.
& # 39; YOUNG PEOPLE & # 39;
President Erdogan spoke privately to the young people in the area that was filled by about 75 thousand people. "Young people ask you personally," said Erdogan, saying:
Do you have a walk to our goals such as Tarık Bin Ziyad, who set foot in Andalusia and burnt his ships and burned his ships? "Are you young people, like Sultan Alparslan, we will win or we will not see the size of our enemy Do you have young people, do not try to fight with the determination of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror who says:" I take Istanbul, I take Istanbul, "in front of the ramparts of Istanbul, and there are young people, who pass the Sina desert in 13 days walking to go over the problems with Yavuz courage? Young, Mehmet Akif & # 39; load 4-5 of the most dense army, & nbsp; said the hero at the Dardanelles seven clocks to the challenge.There are young people, as one, as brothers and sisters in Turkey together, this country to achieve their goals. "
& # 39; ANATOLIAN BENT & # 39;
Emphasizing that Anatolia is the cornerstone of the future of mankind, President Erdogan said that the big states wanted to take control of these countries throughout history. Erdogan said: "All big societies in history, big states, big leaders want to take possession of Anatolia, Nice has got big struggles, Gazi Mustafa Kemal said with his youngsters that they can not go to Çanakkale by fighting 7 dwarfs, together with 14-year-olds Those who are looking for conjunctural developments are mistaken because of the problems they are experiencing.With the scenario of the games being played on us, there is such a historical background to written scripts. we hold Anatolia for a thousand years, the stronger the accumulation of history.If this subdivision is destroyed, the Middle East, nor Africa, nor Central Asia, nor the Balkans, nor the Caucasus will continue to exist, and this geography, under the shadow of the big planes called Anatolia, is open to all kinds of danger, danger and invasion. "
President Erdoğan, who also evaluated the people who lived recently, closed his words as follows:
"Politics, we must be strong in diplomacy, we must be strong in economics, in trade, in technology, we must be strong with our universities, universities, industrial institutions and all our institutions. Otherwise, we will not let this country, the geography, live in this world for one day, they do not give us the opportunity to breathe, to drink water, to eat a bite, etc. You see how we are turned over or rammed, like the wanderers. we see the issue as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the question of the Ak party No, no, not the question is Turkey is the problem our nation matters Islam they symbolize personified that knows very little West; for the Turkish Muslims, they would have seen Haram, save a rotten heart, destiny means stricken with an incurable disease, dead last 5 years we live in. we saw in every tradition that our marriage on both sides is impeccable. the most gste Mevla who is without error and incomplete. They happen wherever you are. The most important thing is not to lose direction. The others are taken care of. We have seen that the direction of this nation is true, we are still alive. Today I am also happy that I have my own community. "
Erdogan's speech after the ceremony, the Professor of Religious Affairs. Dr. Ali Erbaş finished his prayer.

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