MHP leader Bahceli: we will not keep silent about bullying

MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli has issued a message for the Festival of Sacrifice. In his message Bahceli stated that the period of embracing the parties, fusions of the parties, the kind of rapprochement, sharing and volunteering is a unique source of opportunity, which is a unique virtue of the spiritual climate of festivals for the dissolution of torments I believe that the sacrifice of the Feast of Sacrifice, which we hope to meet, root our unity and unity and root the unity and unity of our nation. complete, "he said.


In his message, Bahceli said: "Of course we do not doubt that we face the horizon of happiness, happiness and peace, we will overcome the problems with the moral and devotion of Ismaili."

"The sacrifice is very deep and poignant, with signs and expressions that it is ready to sacrifice the entire existence of a Muslim on the way of Allah." At the same time, the spiritual and material property of the enterprises to approach, Sacrifice Feast is the symbol of solidarity and solidarity, feast of sacrifice is the affection of your peace and brotherhood, sacrifice is a reminder of remembering and remembering the feast, honest and righteous sharing of each sacrifice, sacrificed every hand, every outstretched hand, every smile, every stroke that was born from the early morning, is the dignity of our unity, the dignity of our unity, the high virtue and well-being of the festivals that to make us a nation and ultimately make this nation intolerable and inexorable power. We will raise our ritual sacrifices. Bayram will be a refuge from spiritual opposition to the disasters that cover our dreams, and I hope it will bring us a new spirit of resurrection and recovery. This is my hope and my faith. Festival of sacrifice; spiritual climate and soul of the spirit of the ugly and cheaper to pursue the pursuit of the environment of the attributes of national will and will confirm the willingness of the will to confirm the will of Allah.


Saying that the tyrants who were exploited in Turkish-Islamic geography will not be silent, and that the oppressed will not be lacking in their prayers on these blessed days, Bahceli said:

"We are going to give a chance to the chaos of the ancestors and the crisis dictatorship, which will give the little ones and the pitfalls of friendly outfits behind them, who embraces, embraces and helps baby murders will be fruitless in the face of unity and consciousness be Turkey; the social fabric, with political resistance, to repel every attack with economic insight, will divide each caliper, the courage to tear any dark scenario and faith We will do our victim worship, we will cut our victim waiting We only reward God's homeland victim, we will not sacrifice the nation, we will not sacrifice our independence and I congratulate our holy citizens, the sacred sacrifice of the Turkish-Muslim world, I hope our homies will spend their holidays away from the wreck and that they will find their love I greet all our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land for their pilgrimage to the hajj and I hope t that their prayers will be acceptable, that they can be prayed for and that they will come back healthy. Happy Sacrifice Feast, God becomes friends and helps us. "

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