migration to Turkey increased by 22.4 percent

Turkey Institute of Statistics (TUIK), compared to last year "International Migration Statistics" was published. According to the first statistics produced by TURKSTAT based on administrative data, 52.3% of migrants formed men and 47.7% women. The number of people who migrated from Turkey last year, registering 42.5 percent compared to 2016 as an increase of 253,000 640. 54 percent of this population was identified as men and 46 percent as women.

THE HIGHEST GROUP & # 39; 25 -29 YEARS & # 39;

in the age group migrating to Turkey, for those aged 25-29, the highest percentage is 12.3%. In addition, Istanbul, with the highest number of immigrants with 166,444 people in 2017, also became the province with the highest number of migrants with 75,000 849 people. But Iraqis with 26.6% in the first place the foreigners who land last year, emigration from Turkey was first with 20.4% of foreigners.

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