Minister Noble: I have clear instructions to meet EU standards

The Minister of Home Affairs, Soylu, has carried out roadside checks in Susurluk and received information from the authorities. Soylu tells us about the precautions they take for a holiday in Bayram: "We first of all thank our security and gendarmerie staff, governors, governors and commanders who have worked all day without a holiday." Last year we carried out audits with 50,000 traffic workers with 141 thousand employees this year, we did it with reinforcements. we are to almost 3 times at the same time as 7000 traffic team at 500 of these checks carry out checkpoint in gendarmerie plus police turkey any point because it is brought here in the 3000 500 checkpoints. Our friends the checkpoint, they fulfill an important task, "he added.


"We tell our citizens about the speed, the seatbelt and the lack of talking on the mobile phone, and at the same time we underline that we do not smoke in the car," he said. we declared it removed. But the way we say the radar request from earlier statement. the same practice remains the same way in all corners of Turkey. I have to say that. from the first day on the first day, we had accidents since the first day of the holiday. Fatal accidents our decreased. Fatal numbers have accident but the number of our deaths in the same incident is unfortunately plus. You go to the same place as last year. You go to the same place with the average of the last 10 years. You lost 99 lives, about 40 percent of them are on intercity roads, about 30 percent on urban roads, and the rest are rural areas.

Knowing they did not encounter significant densities except on certain roads, Minister Noble said: "An interesting development this year was the death of pedestrians, we did not expect that such a photo would be around 17-18. also pedestrian mortality in the regions with lots of vehicle density The turn was also the same on Thursday evening and there was a lot of intensity yesterday and the intensity will be tomorrow 3 – The intensity of the traffic flow spread to 3.5 days We have no significant intensity seen, except on a few points, especially because our traffic teams have tried to take precautionary measures where accidents happen. "

& # 39; WARNING GOAL & # 39;

Also speaking about the application of the "red flute", said Noble: "We will be alerted again, we started our red flute campaign from the beginning of this festival, we are happy to see that it is mainly active in children, they warn their parents and the rules are almost clear, they remind us that we should not speed up from the other side and they remind us that we should not talk to the mobile phone at the same time and they also remind us that we are not allowed to smoke our car in our car, we need to increase our attention to this issue on this occasion with our children.The red whistle will be one of the most important materials that reminds us of traffic. "


Starting from the school, emphasizing that everyone in all social areas should be made aware of traffic, Minister Noble said:

"We have to keep to the rules, of course from a technical point of view, our roads are very high in terms of standards, but we believe that we can avoid accidents by following the rules here." We had a lot of work with our friends, We have I have to say that there was no fatal bus accident at this festival, inshallah it will not be until tomorrow, we need bus companies and buses for holidays and we have a serious warning for our traffic teams These warnings will continue after the party and together with our beloved believer we will take important steps in the traffic situation. "


"This is not a small number, it makes on average 20 losses per day, and from this point of view, I say here that every unit will feel the same responsibility, not only the driver of the vehicle, but also the great responsibility for the people who besides Our friends of the traffic team warned us as early as possible that they did not place Cezay as a priority attitude and my citizens will have another message that we do not want to suffer any further pain. "After the festival we will take strict measures, especially on the I have clear instructions and this is a punishment in cezayasınm No one would be disgusted and angry because the accidents we encounter will leave us with bigger and harder experiences and after the festival all our crew will take serious measures on the safety belt. have our goals and we intend to reach a significant amount. "

Minister of the Interior Nobleu has also announced that on the busy days air traffic exercises and helicopters and traffic controls will be done.

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