Minister of Agriculture warns civilian victim

Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, informed the citizens of the Feast of Sacrifice and informed them that they are being fined for administrative punishment for those who persecute animals without following the provisions of the relevant communiqué.

Pakdemirli, in a written declaration, Turkey feasted in difficult times in which the unit and said it is important in terms of the consolidation of the unity of all citizens and said that he sincerely celebrate Eid of the Muslim world.

Pakdemirli underscores that animals such as being caught in improper forms, cutting under inappropriate conditions will cause animals to suffer, said:

"In the Law on the protection of animals it is stated that" the discharge of animals will take place in accordance with the special conditions required by the religious rules, without fear of the animal, without frightening, at least painfully, in accordance with the hygienic rules and in accordance with the correct manner "the actuary receives a fine of 1,525 TL per animal and those who act in violation of the provisions of the" Regulation on the execution of the sacrifices by the Presidency of religious affairs "receive an administrative fine of 3,150 TL per animal.

With the approach of Eid al Land and Forestry Ministry, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, Environment and Town and Country Planning, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Religious Foundation of Turkey Victims of ministers consists of representatives Services Communiqué on the implementation of the prepared 2018 Victim aid issued by the Council on 14 August that Pakdemirli reminded them that the necessary measures have been taken not to be prosecuted, especially by animals.

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