Minister of National Defense Akar: This Terror Bitecek

The National Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, was visiting the family of Martyr Lieutenant Celal Dağlı. Minister Akar said here: "This terror will end, we will continue this terror with the support of our state." "If we die, we will continue to pursue our struggle with our spirit."

National Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar; General-General-General. Yasar Güler, Commander of Land Forces Gen. Ümit Dündar, Air Force Commander Hasan Küçükakyüz and Marine Commander Adnan Özbal on 21 August 2018 in the province of Dogubeyazit Ağrı in the province of PKK terrorist attack and severely injured and treated on 25 August Infantry Lieutenant Celal Dağlı (25), who was martyr in the hospital, visited condolence with his family in Ankara. Minister Akar and Gen. Guler, and Mahmut's father, in the condolence tent located in front of the martyrs' house of force commanders, conveyed their condolences to his brother Ansar Dagli. After reading the Quran bath Kerim in the condole tent. Hulusi Akar, Yasar Guler and the commanders of the armed forces later informed the martyrs mother Aysel Mountain.

& # 39; THIS TERROR & # 39;

Minister Akar, speaking in condolences to emphasize that the terror will end, he said:

"We are here as members of the armed forces, and while we enter the Turkish forces at the same time, known as the Prophet's rooms, we are on the path of" we are martyrs when we die. "God has given this martyrdom to us and we will continue our duties." We will continue to carry out our duties and this terror will come to an end Our terrorists will fight in the winter with our state troops and our Turkish forces, our guards, our gendarmes and our gendarmes in the snow in the winter.We will show all the efforts we have made to complete this, and we will continue our fight with the thought of "veteran" if we are killed if we to die. "



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Speech by Hulusi Akar

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