Moments of horror: she has stabbed several times for her little girl

According to the information obtained, Abdurrahman İ., Who lived with his wife, who has been living separately for four months and wants to divorce, has been stabbed many times in the eyes of everyone. She escaped from her husband and took refuge in a market. and the girl next to him that enters the market Abdurrahman İ. His wife was injured with a knotty knot beside her daughter. Markette to work and the hands of the husband who brought insanity with the intervention of citizens in the vicinity of Cahide İ rescue. He was repeatedly stung from different parts of his body.


Abdurrahman İ. She attacked her mother with her knife. Shocked by her father's stifled attack, the girl hid behind her counter tops. Employees of the market and the interlocutors to intervene and receive a handkerchief Abdurrahman İ. After being neutralized, the girl ran from the back of the counter where the child was hiding and ran to her injured mother.

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The first intervention by 112 emergency medical teams on site, the Cahide İ. Batman was removed to the regional state hospital. It was learned that one of the knife impacts came close to the heart of Cahide I and that there was a life-threatening danger. Abdurrahman I who injured his wife many times by stabbing him seriously. were taken into police custody. The police have started an investigation into the incident.

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