Muharrem İnce & # 39; then Young Double Child Adjective: We are 6 Archers

Muharrem İnce, who attended the marriage ceremony in Tokat, sent a & # 39; child & # 39; to President Erdogan.

The 22-year-old CHP deputy and the son of the former provincial president of Tokat Feramuz Şahin married Duygu Kurtçu during a ceremony in a hotel in Tokat. The happy day of the Sahin family was attended by CHP & # 39; s presidential candidate Muharrem İnce on 24 June elections. Engin Altay, former CHP secretary general Önder Sav, CHP Bilecik substitute Yasar Tüzün, CHP Istanbul Former provincial chairman Cemal Canpolat, together with Muharrem İnce, held a wedding ceremony during the ceremony of Akarçay. The ceremony of the mayor Erdogan Çoban.


Muharrem İnce, who made the marriage ceremony after the wedding ceremony, found the advice of the young couple who married and said: "Be very happy, be kind to one another, be a little jealous of one of you in the marriage of the last years says Sayın Erdoğan 3 children and 5 children, we are 6 archer children, "he said.

In the nose of the flower the couple Onder Sav presented the wedding fair. After the ceremony, İnce, who took a souvenir photo, compared to the intense interest of those attending the wedding. For a while, talking to the guests, the city left the road.

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