Murat Hazinedar even paid his own favor to the municipality

Former Beşiktaş Mayor Murat Hazinedar, who was accused of indictments as & # 39; Illegal tender & # 39 ;, & # 39; Member of FETÖ & # 39; and & # 39; Abuse of Duty & # 39 ;, was paid by the Ministry of the Interior to Beltas Foundation for the computers of the school he had opened and opened on behalf of pharmacist of the deceased mother Ilhan Hazinedar. With the participation of CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu & # 39; nun Besiktas Mayor Hazinedar home Ordu Fatsa & # 39; s Ayazlı district in the name of mother-in-law for a 24-class high school in Istanbul Şişli Yavuz Computer company with 20 PCs and 15 laptops . Last year, November 24, for Teachers & # 39; Day, the total cost of the computers that were taken for high school and placed in classes held 69 thousand TL. Business Owner Bedri Yazdıç & # 39; a, & # 39; Faturai Beltas Foundation cut. The payment will be made there. "The writer also gave the bill immediately after delivery, but the money for computers was never paid, he came to Hazinedar's company many times to the mayor Yazdic, but it did not work. able to file a lawsuit and run the money for computers, a month before the Beltas Foundation Law enforcement and court fees of 12 thousand TL have also begun for the court's execution Kılıçdaroğlu & # 39; nun participated at the opening of the treasurer of the school, "God gave me the chances I used for our region." I was worthy of remission. & # 39;

KOÇAK has recruited to the US

"We have calculated the costs of building the school together with the treasurer and we have kept the profits of the normal contractor at 10 percent and 10 percent because they are not business," says Sefer Koçak, owner of LDK Construction Company. In the cost calculations, all items were removed one by one, but the owner wanted to build a hallway between the top-cotton roofs during the construction and used all materials, not the listed materials, but the most luxurious and good quality. We wanted 10 percent of this difference, unfortunately it did not make any difference to us, we are the people who are known in Ordu, I made the delegates, it would not be suitable for us to expand the event, we have so far no one has eaten and we will not be happy with our defeat. Alla H & # 39; a referred to, "he said.


The inspectors found out that the majority of the school's design that the Mayor of Beşiktaş, who was dismissed by the Mayor Hazinedar for his deceased mother, borrowed from municipal sources, came out when they examined the Beltaş Foundation's accounts. The inspectors who found irregularities in most of the accounts printed these detections one by one. Bedri Yazdic, owner of Yavuz Bilgisayar, who started the execution for file costs and lawyer's fees, also said: "After having given computers for a year, I was able to pay the payment, we are a small company, I also caused myself psychological damage. I often went to the Besiktas-municipality, Hazinedar's company, unfortunately I did not get the results.

I found the FACILITIES

Beşiktaş Mayor Hazinedar, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the school he had made for his deceased mother Hazinedar, said: "The family of everyone is important and valuable … Allah determines the kind for which we are born, whose parents , denomination, culture and color It is our responsibility to be a member of that family, a very high responsibility for our country, our flag, our country, our values, I learned this from our deceased mother. company as a businessman, I make the opening of the school that I built for my parents on behalf of my dearest mother, my greatest value. "I thank everyone who participated in our opening ceremony.

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