New departure costs from the airport

The first flight of the Istanbul New Airport will take place on 29 October. When it is opened, 660 commercial taxis and 38 IETT buses will be included in the transport network. IETT General Directorate of will to do on September 4, the company will win, Istanbul will be established for 10 years 18 lines will transport more than 150 buses between Istanbul New Airport.

The new Istanbul airport can be reached from many points of Istanbul. There are also bus services on the metro lines.


75 thousand passengers carrying luggage with luxury transport are calculated according to the specification based on the distance of the expected bus lines between 12 and 30 TL. The operator can not charge a fee for children up to 6 years old. The place where most vehicles are placed is the Yenikapı-Sirkeci line of 50 kilometers. A vehicle of 11 minutes is maintained and even 23 vehicles are maintained. The rate for this line is 18 TL. The most expensive and farthest line will be from Pendik. This line will be arranged with 5 vehicles. The fee for the 93 kilometer long Pendik line is 30 TL.

The details of the bus lines are as follows;

Line name – Distance (one way) – Separate frequency – Travel price – The number of vehicles

1.Beylikduzu Tuyap-52 km-15 minutes-21 TL-15 vehicles

2.Outogar-38 km-15 minutes-16 TL-12 vehicles

3.Bakırköy-44 km-10 minutes-18 TL-19 vehicles

4.Yenikapı-Sirkeci-50 km-11 minutes-18 TL-23 vehicles

5. Beşiktaş-43 km-20 minutes-18 TL-13 vehicle

6. Alibeykoy mobile bus station-31 km-30 minutes-16 TL-5 vehicles

7.Kadıköy-64 km-20 minutes-25 TL-11 vehicles

8. Pendik-93 km-45 minutes-TL 30-5 vehicle

9. Hacıosman-40 km-30 minutes-16 TL-4 vehicles

10. Highest-91 km-30 minutes-25 TL-7 vehicles

11.Arnavutköy-22 km-40 minutes-12 TL-3 vehicles

12. Kemerburgaz-21 km-40 minutes-12 TL-3 vehicles

13.Sariyar-40 km-30 minutes-16 TL-5 vehicles

14.Başakşehir-27 km-30 minutes-14 TL-4 vehicles

15.Bahçeşehir-40 km-40 minutes-16 TL-4 vehicles

16.Mahmutbey Metro-36 km-45 minutes-15 TL-3 vehicles

17. Half-40 km-50 minutes-16 TL-4 vehicles

18.Mecidiyeköy-37 km-15 minutes-16 TL-10 vehicles

YOU WILL BE 100 pieces

The operational vehicles that win the tender are ready on October 25 and start on October 29, the opening of the airport. The buses that will carry luxurious baggage transport will be 100 solo-type, at least 46 seats and a maximum of 50 seats with at least 35 seats. The cars will serve in Istanbul, working conditions.The first time the vehicles are manufactured or the vehicles are not produced for 3 years There will be 6 vehicles with exhaust emissions.


Vehicles will also have cameras. In a place where the driver can easily reach the camera, there will be an emergency button with a push button function. When this button is pressed, the alarm and the instant camera image are sent to the Control Center. The camera recorder is displayed in the camcorder. There is at least 30 days of recording available, there is a system for collecting costs on the passenger seat and on the passenger seat there is a touch screen with multimedia (MP3-TV-video) functions.


It was also revealed how the company should pay the contract, while the estimated price in the public transport leased lines contract is 468 million TL including VAT. For this reason, 20 percent of the total amount of the contract price for the electronic ticket is a sum of money. It is paid by dividing it equally over 5 months, the part of 80% is paid by dividing it evenly over 120 months.


In the event of non-delivery of a kind of match forgotten by the passenger or handed over to passengers, the carrier will be punished with 200 full Istanbul card (520 TL) and a 10 points quality point for service quality. the traffic license will be canceled for 30 days if it turns out that this is offensive for some reason, mass transport and traffic interruption, demonstration with the vehicle, public order and authority to shake the authority, and so on. The driving license will be canceled. In cases where public safety, human health and behavior against public morality are found, a thousand punishment based on Istanbul will be applied. As a funeral service, 50 service quality points are closed.


In case of actual attack on the administrative staff, supervisory officials, passengers, other carriers or third parties, interference in the fighting, sexual assault of the persons, or the task of persons prevented by the physician, police, municipal registration or supervisor, reported or documented by camera registration, Istanbul card (5,000 200 TL) fine will be applied.In case of withdrawal, 3000 full Istanbul card (7000 800 TL) will be applied.The driver of the vehicle will be canceled for an unlimited period of cancellation .


The metro between Gayrettepe and Istanbul New Airport is expected to open at the end of 2019 and between the new Halkalı-Istanbul airport with six stations of 27 km.


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