News from Ankara – Ministry of the Interior: 87 people lost their lives in 6 days

Gökhan Ceylon / ANKARA, (DHA) – INTERIOR The Ministry of Health, the first 6 days of the feast day of the Feast of Sacrifice, 69 people died in road accidents at the death of 87 people who have announced that they have lost their lives.
In the written statement from the Ministry of the Interior, to ensure that citizens celebrate and be safe during the Festival of Sacrifice and to prevent the loss of human life, approximately 140,000 traffic workers were sent out for 11 days on 17 to 27 August, It said.
It is said that the number of registered vehicles has increased by 65 percent in the last decade, making travel safer due to improvements in the physical structure of highways and shared roads. Despite the intense traffic measures that the police and the gendarmes had received, it was reported that 87 people were killed in 69 fatalities in the first 6 days of the holiday.
Referring to the way accidents occurred, the following statements were made:
"When investigating the types of accidents, 27 boilers were unilaterally stumbled, tilted, slipped, collided with obstacles, twenty-five boiler collisions, collision at the rear and collision, and 17 boats bursting into the air. 14 percent, dropped to 1 percent and in the 17 accidents we have identified and we have taken measures, 1 fatal accident occurred on the black spot.
In the continuation of the announcement, because of the return of the holiday on Saturday and Sunday, heavy traffic on the roads is experienced and this place is given as follows:
"Since most accidents occur near the point where the passengers arrive, our citizens must be equipped for a short time outside the vehicle, especially on these points, in order to avoid using tired and sleepless vehicles when approaching the destination and for the two take a break of 10 minutes during the trip, we do not use vehicles, do not follow-up, do not park or are not on the road along the road and at the entrance of the facilities, strictly adhere to the rules and adhere strictly to the safety belts from time to time, including buses, our children in the Red Whirlwind campaign, we ask them to take into account the warnings regarding smoking on their behalf, on their behalf and on behalf of our country, we wish that all our citizens return without any accident and good festivities. "

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