News: Pendik & # 39; da damage to the mind! Take the little girl to the roof and …

The two young girls described how a girl posing while the irresponsible, who ignored the little girl's life, was recorded with a mobile phone camera.

The event, which shows where the curiosity of photography came from, took place in Pendik Kavakpınar Quarter last night. Two young girls, five years old, tried to take a picture of a little girl on the roof of a five-storey block of flats. Young girls who do not mind, even though the little girl screamed for fear of posing the little child. The young girl is still scared when she tells her that her girlfriend is going to the top of the roof.

When the surrounding citizens reacted to this situation, the young girls brought the girl down. All who lived in the camera of the mobile phone were expressed. The young girls in the pictures try to make photos of the little girl on the roof. Then the girls who say how they should pose the little girl want to walk a bit. Meanwhile, the little girl experiences great disgust.


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