News: Terrible doubt in Trabzon! After seven friends have been roasted …

Seven friends in the Çolaklı district of Trabzon Akçaabat, the sacrificial cooks who fled on the second day of Kurban Bayramı. Afterwards, the partner of the victim, H.A. and after a while the hand of S.M. injured. This was followed by a blood donation to two friends who had registered at the hospital. Two people examined at the KTÜ Medical Faculty Hospital, the anthrax was undoubtedly treated. Anthrax has started to treat the blood while family members have blood. Blood samples were taken for examination by informing other people who had the same victim in common.


Mustafa Dereköylü, a victim partner, said: "We sacrificed a cow that we bought in our neighborhood, and then we roasted it and we did not get a wound, but our blood tests have declined, we have waited for information within ten days. We do not know what to do with the meat in our hands and we expect the authorities to get it. & # 39;


Trabzon Provincial Director of Agriculture Coşkun Gulbay said that the samples taken from the meat were the result of the first surveys that made them negative and that no anthrax was found. Gülbay said: "Our studies on this subject continue and research on the injuries of the Provincial Department of Health continues.Haberturk)

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