News: the event that no longer says! The goat fell on the third cattan man …

The event took place in the morning hours in the Ulus Mahallesi of the Yıldırım district of Bursa. Mehmet Sıttık Karakas, 50 years old, with his family in the garden of their house to sacrifice, went outside to talk on the phone. During this conversation, while talking in the street, the goat that fell from the third floor of the apartment where he stood was piled up in the ending blood.

With the help of his family and the residents of the area, the old man who received his first treatment there was taken to the hospital with his private vehicle. After the accident, the goat quickly escaped his trail. The keçinin returned the keçiyesi that escaped the owner two blocks away. It was clear that Karakaş's skull was broken in two places under treatment.

On Friday, Gul, who saw the incident and did the first intervention, said, "I heard a big noise when I saw the sheep in the garden, and when I lifted my head and looked up, I saw Mehmet Abiyi lying in the blood of the spot. I rushed towards him, the groove behind his head, the blood flowing in the groove, I just struck it, and the family members and the local people came to help, they already put it in the car and brought it. It went to the hospital, I have never seen anything like it in my life. "The owner of Keçin Emrah Aktaş, & # 39; & # 39; Goat had already helped two people to come here. When we walked out of the terraces we had left, we were caught up on the edge of the terrace, grabbed and fell on the man below Daddy, the eyed man said the man was dead The barefoot went to They took the injured man to the hospital and brought him to the hospital, we have keçiyal brought this time that we've caught kestik & # 39 ;, #,; he said.

Mehmet Sıttık Karakaş, who was admitted to the hospital as an injured person, appeared to have broken parts as well as good health.

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