News: They claim to have committed suicide by shooting from the top

The event was busy at 23:00 on Bayrampaşa Yahya Kemal Caddesi. According to the study; Murat Ö. During a trip to Yahya Kemal Caddesi with a closed truck, an unidentified person was attacked by people. Murat Ö who parked his car along the road. After being beaten in the vehicle for a while, his head was fired at gunpoint.

Drivers in the area reported the situation to the police and health teams. In the short term, the police and the health team were sent to the scene. Murat Ö who was seriously injured by being shot with his head. Ambulance Bezmialem The training and research hospital at Vakif University has been abolished. Police teams, who searched the streets in search of evidence, found a pistol in the vehicle. The police are considering the possibility that Murat Ö. Suicide has been committed since he was attacked. Murat Ö. & # 39; nün continued to learn that the treatment of the disease had been taught.

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