Niğde Kurban Party of the party! 2018 What time is it tomorrow morning?

religious The Presidency of Affairs has set the hours for the 2018 party prayers. Those who sacrificed the feast of the feast in the morning began to ask the clock and make plans. Bayram prayer is about 45 minutes after sunrise. Goodbye prayer is a time for men. Those who are available for materiality on this occasion will sacrifice their sacrifices and perform their worship, and those who have no chance of losing will receive their sacrifices from the distributed sacrifices. According to Hijri reinforcement 10 Zilhicce 1439 day feast by the victims of the fate of our citizens to be wondered on time Nigde Sacrifice party The district became clear in the province's description of the time of the Religious Affairs.


religious For all neighborhoods of the prayer hall of the Niðde 2018 Festival of the Sacrifice It identified. According to this, Altunhisar, Bor, Çamardı, Çiftlik, Merkez, Ulukışla From Tuesday, August 21st 6: 41 the party prayer.


The festival of the sacrifice arrives 45-50 minutes after the sunrise. Bayram prayer is not a mandatory vaciptir. Bayram prayers are done with the congregation and there is no ransom speech, no whereabouts. Bayram sermon is sunn and read after prayer. Those who can not make the first day of the festive prayer as an excuse can get it in the second or other days of the party.


First, "I plan to hold the festive prayer that is wajib, I am ready for imam " he will be stopped by the intention. Then the imam and the municipality calmly "Subhanek on" His prayer is read.

Then the Imam and the municipality silently read the & # 39; Subhaneke & # 39; prayer.

After the Supreme, he is brought together three times with the imam by saying "Allahu Ekeber".

In bringing one, the seller is lifted up to his ears (as if the iftitah is on one) and side by side in the first and second sides. In the third it is tied under the navel.

Immediately after the Third, the Imam reads the Fatiha, then reads a long verse from the Koran, at least three short verses, or three verses, and leans with the imam.

The Ruku and Secs are made and the leg (second rakata) is lifted and the hands are connected.

In the second recital the imam reads a long verses of Fatiha and the Koran, at least three short verses or three verses. Then the imam is collected three times by saying "Allahu Ekeber". When someone is brought in, the dealer is released and left behind. The third is left on the side. In the fourth they do not lift their hands to their ears, but they bend over.
Ruku and Secdeler are made.

The imam and the congregation read the Ettahiyyatu and the Allaahumme salli, the Allaahumme Bârik and the Rabbenâdâna.

After the discussions, the imam is greeted with good and then greeted and the prayer is completed.


Wash hands: "Eûzübillahimine şşeytanirracim-Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" First, the hands are washed three times by rubbing the wrists together and the fingers.

Do not let your mouth go to the water: We take the water three times to give our mouth. Every time we get water, we shake our mouth and pour water into the mouth.

Water abstinence: We take our hunting water again and give it three times to my nose. We are clean with our left hand.

Wash the face: Then we take two of our hunters and wash our face three times, from the end of the hair to the bottom of the chin.

Wash right arm: We first wash the right arm three times with the elbow.

Wash left arm: Then we wash the left arm three times with the elbow.

To mow the mesh: Okay, we can grab a quarter of a head. That is, we wet the right side and wet one of the four sides.

Mesh the ears: We both wet our hands and our ears constricted with our small fingers. The back of the ears with our thumbs.

To strengthen the neck: Then, without using our head and mus fingers, we mark the outside of the drawing, middle and ring fingers, as well as our neck.

Wash feet: When it comes to the feet, we start near the fingers and then wash our left foot three times with the heel bone.

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