Numerical Lotto results August 18: Six figures in Numeric Lotto earned 2 million 665 thousand pounds!

Numerical lottery results were made with the 1141 lottery that was made tonight. The Digital Lottery Lottery of August 18, 2018, organized by the National Lottery Administration, was broadcast live. In the last lottery, the six lucky winners of the Numerical Lotto were the owners of the big jackpot with 2 million 665 thousand pounds.


DIGITAL LOTO 1141. DIGITAL LOTO results, the number of lucky numbers of the week and the number of winning bonuses …

a person who knows 6 of this week's draw 2 million 665 thousand 319 pounds 55 kuruş won a big bonus. According to the statement from the National Lottery Administration, six lucky winners were found to have invested in Erzurum & # 39; s Palandöken county

Numeric Lotto bin 141. week lottery 5 people 145 people 5 thousand 171 lire 40 & k; ar kuruş, 4 thousand 7 thousand 837 people

 number-lottery results


] The National Lottery Administration launched a new era in Digital Lotto. The Digital Lotto is now taken twice a week. At the same time, the period in the Digital Lotto was also regulated. The number of revolutions in the Digital Lotto was limited to 3 weeks.

The limit of the transition in the digital lottery has been lifted!

In the lottery of the digital lottery (6/49) on Wednesday and Saturday is the big bonus If the winning numbers are not known, the big bonus is transferred to the other lottery and the application continues until the winning numbers are known.

In the event that for four weeks the correct gambler of number 6 does not close the game, the application of the distribution of the large bonus amount to a subgroup (5 balls) is terminated. In the Lotto (Lotto) lotto of Digital Lotto the big bonus is transferred to the following draws, unless there is a correct bet for number 6.


Numeric lotto 1140 lot numbers: 03 – 10 – 15 – 18 – 25 – 43

In the drawing of Digital Lotto this week, 6 people did not speak out and 884 thousand 609 lira were transferred to 94 cents a week.

According to the statement of the General Directorate of the National Lottery Administration, 544 liras 55 # there kuruş, 4 know 3 thousand 799 people 74 liras 40 ar ar kuruş, 3 know 72 thousand 294 people will jackpot of 10 pounds get 90 penny

A total of 1 million 443 thousand 303 pounds 30 kuruş jackpot divided

Habertat VAT is 924 thousand 794 liras 62 cents, if the games of chance 517 thousand 314 pounds 4 kuruş will be transferred to the public [19659005]  number-lottery result


Tell the number of columns you want to play and allow you to automatically fill the columns. Then you only have to pay the costs and get your ticket. If you want to enter the numbers yourself, you must obtain the blank coupon and mark the numbers you have selected with your pen. You will try to find 6 correct numbers totaling 3, 4, 5 by choosing 6 names you choose between 1 and 49 numbers. The tours are shared by more than 3 correct participants. Participants eligible for the draw are entitled to a big bonus.

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