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In Ordu it is stated that the oven with 50 hazelnuts delivered is traded on 12 liras on the free market.

Manufacturers who started hazelnut shopping in the city on 29 July started selling hazelnuts to dried.

Manufacturers, traders and groceries that produced hazelnuts with their tools created density at the front.

Turkey Chambers of Agriculture Union (TZOB) board member Leo van Pedigree, AA said in a statement to reporters, after the harvest of many manufacturers of products, said that he has started the market download.

which states that for Eid al-Adha traders sold heavy notes from Pedigree, "Some of our producers will be sacrificed, some of our producers will close their debts, and this is why they are moving on the hazelnut market today."

Soydan said that now 50 fruity hazelnuts are traded on the free market at 12 lira, but this price does not meet producers and himself, saying "12 pounds is the price of hazelnuts." Our expectation is 15 pounds.

Soydan Census Office (TMO) said they expect the price to be announced by Soydan, "We expect that the number that will take shape in the free market will rise after TMO & # 39; s price is open." We believe that TMO will not suffer from the manufacturer this year as in recent years. . "

Yücel, a hazelnut manufacturer based in the district Altınordu in the district of Saraycık, said he bought 500 kilos of hazelnuts and got 6000 lire.

Yücel, who claims that the hazelnut harvest is less than half of last season, this season my notes are less, but that does not matter, he said.

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