On Saturday Annelerin will respond to the police intervention of social media – Agenda

The 700th week of Saturday mothers was banned by the Beyoglu District Governorate. After the decision, activists who tried to gather on Galatasaray Square were subjected to police interventions. CHP Vice Chairman Gökçen Gökçen reported that about 100 people, including the CHP members, were taken into custody. From Saturday People Maside Ocak, Besna Tosun, Ali Ocak, Hasan Karakoç, Sebla Arcan, Leman Yurtseverde, Faruk Eren, and Gamze Elvan & # 39;the i have also learned that they belong to those who have been taken into custody. The detainees would have been transferred to Vatan Security after the health check at Haseki Training and Research Hospital. Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman SoyluCHP vice call for Sezgin Tanrıkulu, the act itself is forbidden by the order of the Noble said.

often experienced disappearance cases in the early 1990s with coups in Turkey, was to become a priority of the fight against human rights activists. The Saturday mourning, which began in 1995 with the death of Hasan Ocak, who lost his custody at the age of thirty, changed to an echo throughout the country. Today, the intervention of the 700 police officers who wanted to do the action caused the reaction of the users to the social media.

Some responses from social media to police interventions are as follows:

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