Passenger van is turned over in Bandirma! 10 wounded

10 people were injured in the accident in which the passenger minibus was taken over by Balıkesir in the city of Bandirma.

Accident, 01.30 at the time in the district Bandırma Karşıyaka has been fulfilled. Selahattin Güder (65) 10 E 9684 passenger minibus with license plates, out of control because of the slippery material that had been poured on the road, was overthrown. In the accident, 10 people were injured in the minibus.

After notification, the fire brigade and health teams were sent to the region. The wounded, who were removed from the vehicle, were removed from the state hospital Bandırma. It was reported that the health condition of the injured who were treated was good. DHA

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