PKK & # 39; s Black Sea group cleaned NEWSPAPER VATAN

23 August 2018 Thursday – 2:30 | Last updated: 23 08 2018 – 2:30

Barış On Gümüşhane, which is in the red category on the list & # 39; Search for terrorists & # 39; State and receives a prize of £ 4 million per person, was killed during the operation in rural areas. Öner was the leader of the Black Sea Opening Group & # 39 ;. The group was crushed with the last operation

Two PKK terrorists were killed in the clash between the security forces and the terrorists in the Kurdish village of Gümüşhane, the village of Yesilkoy, the Fındıkak plateau. It was established that the killed terrorists were the Iranian peace envoy, code-named Sorej K & # 39 ;, with the PKK & # 39; s so-called Black Sea region responsible for the Turkish Tarik & # 39; ; -code Barış Oner.

He attacked Kılıçdaroğlu

It was learned that the Interior Ministry headed "Barış Öner, the Black Sea expansion group," which is on the red list & # 39; state and will receive a prize of £ 4 million per person. On 25 August 2016, Öner was wanted for CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu because Artvin was in the province of Şavşat and had ordered the attack of Gendarmar Fatih Çaybaşı to be murdered.

Reduced the radio

The terrorist who coded last month & # 39; Türk Tarik & # 39; was in use in Gümüşhane, the Ministry of Internal Affairs was looking for terrorists in the red category, terrorists in the red category and the last time a prize of 4 million pounds was awarded from the operation whereby the & # 39; Zeynel & # 39; – code Mehmet Yakisır was killed, he turned out to have dropped his radio while he walked away.

With the murder of Mehmet Yakışır and Barış Oner, the so-called expansion group of the Black Sea collapsed. Six years before Tunceli it was determined that Yakışır and Öner had come with a group of 12 people and had ordered the attacks on the region. The security forces increased their operations in the region, the terrorist group, which established itself with the creation of photocopiers and air-assisted operations, 2 handed over, and 6 were killed during skirmishes. With the last conflict, the PKK, which had severely hit and neutralized the so-called leadership team, escaped from the region. It was determined that they had been injured in the group.

Two drivers were killed in Şırnak

The statement of Sirnak Governor on the security forces that took place on August 20 was made. In the explanation it was stated that the members of the separatist terrorist organization that was neutralized in the Bestler-Dereler Kaval mountain area were Yusuf Sungur, code-named "Brüsk Cizre", and Freedom Day, code assistant "Eşref Batü" of both terrorists was reported that they were registered in the population of Şırnak.

Meanwhile during the operation was organized by the gendarmerie in Van, one PKK terrorist in preparation for the attack seized by a large number of ammunition. Three PKKs were killed in Hakkari's operation in the province of Yüksekova. Two people were detained in the Celikhan province of Adiyaman and claimed that they helped and supported the PKK.

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