Player Tuba Unsal collected a cigarette case and waste

Tuba Unsal, who participated in the beach cleaning in Antalya, collected both waste and cigarette butts from the beach. Unsal, "Most of my attention has attracted cigarette butts, how many cigarette butts and it's very sad, beaches are not our garbage cans," he said.


Climate Week, so the European Union (EU) financed and Turkey gave support to the country without being primarily made for beach cleaning. Kepez district of Lara Halk cleaning on the beach, head of the EU delegation to Turkey Christian Berger, the member states of the EU ambassadors, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Factories Chamber President David Cetin, players Tuba Ünsal and was attended by a large number of volunteers. Participants wore navy blue hats and navy blue t-shirts gathered nonsense on the beach with their hands. It was noticeable that there were more cigarette butts on the beach than the garbage.


Tuba Ünsal, who came to the city to take part in the 55th International Film Festival in Antalya, was one of those present at the cleaning. Unil cleaned the garbage on the beach, Unsal, put it in the garbage bag and threw it in the trash can. Film festival, so & # 39; s event that comes running to hear the Unsal, the Turkish people not only to the front of the house, not just to sweep the street, he said. Despite all of them claiming that waste processing goes to the Unsal environment: "I do not need them, most of my attention has attracted cigarette butts." How many cigarette butts and it is very sad. "The beaches are not our trash cans." He said.


Climate Week is the last organization that draws the attention of the head of the EU delegation to Turkey Christian Berger, pollution of the sea and said they were trying to tell everyone that there is a problem with the waste at sea. Millions of plastic flows every year to the sea that Berger expresses, in the near future a lot of fish in the sea will be told about garbage. He said that participation in all countries of the world, which is embedded to the Coastal cleaning events Berger, "Turkey 20 years for participation in this organization." EU produce in parallel with efforts to prevent waste from Turkey makes us particularly happy. is our planet and our future, we must try to protect our future, "he said. After the cleaning, the attendees took a souvenir photo together.

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