President Erdoğan speaks

President Erdoğan's speech is as follows:

– I wish all our children success in this educational season. I feel sorry for our teachers who were tortured, killed in disasters and accidents. I hope that the school year 2018-2019 will lead to the breakthroughs of our country that is on the eve of a new birth. We see this year as a new beginning as it is in every educational period.

– Turkey will be marked by the names of the future will come from our schools as well. The architects of this new Turkey and a large hall and from this class will grow from this school.

– Since the day we came to power, we attach great importance to education. When we joined in 2002, we increased our country as 4 pillars, such as education, health, justice and security. As far as the education issue is concerned, we never have such an understanding of & # 39; such expenses & # 39; had. We have removed the old teaching instruction from the shelves again. We have asked the system many more questions.

– The strongest answer to the nationalization of education has shown those who regard education as an ideology. We walk our way decisively without ignoring them. No success is inaccessible. We have continued our reforms without taking a look at the circles that looked at the issue. We have fulfilled almost all of our promises.

– We are the number of teachers was 526,000 in Turkey before they got to work. In the past 16 years we have increased this number to more than 920 thousand with new appointments. You can not train qualified students without qualified teachers.

– We built 288 thousand new classrooms in 81 cities in 16 years and increased it to more than 575 thousand. We have provided two thousand84 electronic libraries to our schools.

– We prevent children from being discriminated against by removing the coefficient barrier at the entrance of the university. We have increased the number of Imam Hatip schools according to the demands of our nation.

– The process that we started with my wife in Şanlıurfa continues. We try to ensure that no child is left behind because of financial impossibility.

– We would wait 1 week in office book stores to get our books. The book did not come, notebook, pen did not come. We have said that we come through this. We said that we would put books as a state on the tables. We have said that we will do this of the best quality. We said that we would prepare the books from the first pulp-paper and put them on the table. Someone tried to provoke us, but we still raised the books.

– lack of knowledge point in Turkey will not be in the country.

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