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the main areas of Turkey in the nuts uncertainty prevails among agricultural products. Despite the beginning of the hazelnut season, neither the yield nor the price is announced. About 3 years before the hazelnut price is set on the free market, the producers demanded that the prices of the Crop Crop Office be announced. The prognoses were also announced separately by FISKOBIRLIK, the Union of Agricultural Chambers, the exporters' associations and the Ministry of Agriculture before the season. Due to the inconsistency of the estimates of incoming revenues, it was decided that the revenue estimate would be announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The fact that the prediction of the yield, which the market directed rather than the season, has not yet been announced, has led to dissatisfaction among the producer.

Special attention in recent years producer of hazelnuts to meet certain price on the free market, Turkey Association of Chambers of Agriculture (TZOB) Board member Leo van Pedigree, "consisted of producer prices near the cost. the price of hazelnut TMO started to be determined by the manufacturer Currently the free market price is around 11-11.5 TL The manufacturer is not satisfied with this price TMO had to prepare and explain the price before the start of the season. in coastal areas, hazelnut-free market prices have started to fall on the market, we warn producers not to sell the hazelnut without mentioning the price, but the manufacturer also sells the hazelnut, even if it is harmful to pay for labor and other expenses. announced that it would explain the price before the start of the season Unfortunately it did not, it affects the market that the prognosis is not steadily. Because this year the yield of the fog is low due to excessive heat and congestion. Nevertheless, prices are kept low due to the lack of transparency in the free market and monopolisation. "

Price uncertainty in nuts

Except for producers, the other group that is waiting for the uncertainty to get out of the way is the exporters. Istanbul Hazelnut and Products Exporters Association (İFMİB) President Ali Haydar Gören, "The price discovery by TMO creates uncertainty and we can not respond to customers who ask for our products, so far we have lost 30-40 thousand tons from a market. such as Italy, the US and Azerbaijan have been sold to the markets we lost.Our price is not good, but we must lose judgment in the market to ensure that the Turkish hazelnuts market price should be determined in a sustainable policy.The manufacturer should be We are exporters, we sell our profits, but we can not respond to the uncertainty of the student, "he said.

Turkey hazelnut reminded that 25 years ago the world with 85 percent market share in the trade Haydar Ali Goren, "while our share currently about 60-65 percent., 730,000 hectares of hazelnut in Turkey cultivated.The yield per decade is on average 70-80 kilograms The yield per piece in competing countries is 220 kilos in Italy, 300 kilos in the US and 250 kilos in Azerbaijan and Georgia, thanks to their high yields lower than the cost of Turkey. As a sustainable price policy, hazelnut orchards have not been rejuvenated, the transition to good farming practices in hazelnut trade receivables Turkey may not have dropped to 40 percent in 10 years, "he said.

Price uncertainty in nuts

TZOB recently made a statement about the price of nuts and announced that the price must be at least 15 TL. The chairman of the TZOB, Şemsi Bayraktar, said that the delay in entering the hazelnut market and not announcing a reasonable price would put the export price under pressure and would lead to a decline in the contribution to the economy of the country. Bayraktar, "Decline in wages, producers of hazelnuts will increase costs even more." Despite the fact that TMO's largest producer of hazelnuts is not to disclose the purchase price of hazelnuts, foreign buyers can order hazelnuts at a lower price. This delay causes our country to lose money every minute Most nuts are exported Since last year the dollar has risen by 70.4 percent Even though the price is announced at £ 15, the price of shell-based notes in dollars only $ 2.5, the price of the domestic price not added $ 5.5 to all costs.In the 2014/2015 season at $ 12.87 per kilogram of hazelnuts, 06:23 dollars this season from the sale of Turkey should to reduce export earnings by retaining the nut low price Despite the fact that only 217 thousand 427 tons of hazelnuts were exported in the 2014/2015 season, 2.8 billion dollars was e xport revenue realized. Despite the export of 277 thousand 747 tonnes of hazelnuts in this season in the period from 1 September to 8 August, export earnings remained at 1.73 billion USD.

TRABZON, Chairman of the Agricultural Coordination Council, and Chairman of the Hasel Kozoğlu Chamber of Agriculture, also said that they expect the price to be announced at least 15 TL at the moment. Kozoğlu pointed out that some manufacturers sell the nuts to cover their costs of 11-11.5 TL. "Last year, TM set a price of TL 10.5 TL, our costs were 10 TL per kilogram, we have been victim since last year, and the costs are also increasing every year, and the manufacturer is being dishonored," he said.

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