Saturday Jubilee has not left

The action of the Saturday mothers was banned by Suleiman Soylu during the past week. Despite the Yasaaga police intervention in those who wanted to sit in the intervening city and 47 people were taken into custody, including the missing family members. In the middle of the week, Ak party spokesman Ömer Çelik said that Saturday after Anneleri is not allowed to respond to this topic.

The square was closed

On Saturday morning we were back in Beyoğlu for the 701st action week yesterday. However, police for the police, Istiklal Street and Galatasaray High School in front of the intensive security measures, and exit with the entrance to Galatasaray Square closed.

The human rights organization (İHD) gathered in front of the Istanbul Branch, and on Saturday morning they walked to Galatasaray Square. The police stopped for the group at Büyükparmakkapı Sokak who came to Istiklal Caddesi. When the agreement was not reached, the missing family members went to live. The press release was made in this street when the police did not allow the passage. Loss of reading the press statement on behalf of the group Hasan Ocak's sister, Maside Ocak, said:

The & # 39; failed grief & # 39;

"We are looking for our loved ones who have been in custody for 701 weeks and we ask for a loss account, since we do not explain the fate of our losses for 701 weeks, we are in Galatasaray because the grave sites are hidden and the criminals are known We are in Galatasaray for the 701 weeks in which we are obliged to repel all kinds of violence against those who claim and guarantee justice, that we can not reach law, truth and justice in the vicinity of his own denial For 701 weeks we are the undisputed age, the unfinished guard, the unfiltered carnations, this file will not be closed for us until the fate of Mehmet Ertak is explained and we are judged according to the universal law. this file is lost like Mehmet Ertak and in 143 weeks there is no progress in the file. "After the announcement the group returned to the İHD Istan bul establishment.

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