Saturday mothers comment: & # 39; We are in the dark & ​​# 39;

Administratieve Administrative districts participating in the course of the opening 104, Term Program Soylu, Turkey stated that all terrorist organizations that are likely to see explicit or implicit support from the EU, said:


"Organizations try to get a poker face and actually open up a legitimacy." Terrorist organizations have always been abusive in Turkey, women's abuse, child abuse, denomination abuse, and today they are seeking another area of ​​abuse, abuse by mothers. to create through the concept of motherhood, try to set up a mask of victimhood and try to differentiate society.


They gather for the Galatasaray High School. What does it matter to do this? In 1995, an attempt to crush the violation of an intra-organizational execution by the far-left CAP / ML organization, documented with official reports and intra-organizational confessions. It is not lost, it is not taken into custody, the organization has performed it, it has left an advantage. This incident has produced a story of victimhood and an exploitation through the years has been revealed through motherhood. Hasan Ocak is just one of the reasons to start the actions on Galatasaray Square. It is served. Forgive me, have these people disappeared while walking on the Eminönü square?


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We have not allowed it, it is true. Because we now want this abuse and deception to come to an end. What have we done, so we have not been able to see that your mother is being exploited by a terrorist organization, your mother is making a cover letter? We must encourage our children to be members of a terrorist organization, to be remembered in the heart of Istanbul, and to keep their eyes in an outdated way for their mothers. We will not allow Galatasaray Square to become the only common legitimacy area of ​​terrorist organizations. We do not use concepts such as mother, state, nation, terrorist organizations that have been hostile to them for years, and summonses collected by their calling. These countries have not given this country to their brothers a hundred years ago and today they will not surrender to their taco's.


Arguing that they will continue their struggle with their organizations, Soylu asked them not to leave provisions in their homes at the end of the plateau period in the east and southeast. Noble, he continued: "What if you do not leave any supplies in the spring?" On the way back, they say & # 39; get your peanuts on & # 39; get what you have, bring it to your house in town In the city The battle is a total battle How we pour out our tears as a nation, we have to do our fight as a nation I warn our district governors and governors, gendarmerie commanders and police chiefs, especially in the east and southeast here, we will leave the terrorist organization open this winter We will not allow cities to offer logistical support from cities and towns It is our fundamental duty to visit them all, and individually to everyone, if there is room to sell them . "
Making many claims for terrorist organizations Noble: "This winter, terrorist organizations will be very different and it will be very different for everyone, not only for the PKK, but also for other terrorist organizations."

Saturday mothers comment: & # 39; We are in the dark & ​​# 39;

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Saturday mothers, who had to deal with the police in the 700th week of sitting on GALATASARAY Square, criticized Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu because he explained what he did in HRA and said: "He who is guilty of noble prosecutors and courts has committed a crime. " Gulseren Yoleri said: "The unfortunate statement of the Minister Soylu, a distorted reality, at the same time a political intervention in cases of disappearance in police custody." Cemil Kırbayır's brother Mikail Kırbayır, who disappeared on September 13, 1980, criticized the intervention of the police in his statement and told the authorities: "Our main task is not to distract us but listen to us. listen to us. "(Fırat ALKAÇ / ISTANBUL)

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