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A very extensive investigation into the public vehicles that were put on the agenda in the context of savings measures in different periods was started. Minister Berat Albayrak of the Treasury and Finance learned to press the button for a large saving in public vehicles.

In the letter to all public institutions by the sign Albayrak, ministries, affiliated organizations, state enterprises (SEEs), and municipalities were asked to have an inventory of vehicles that they had and rented. It was learned that serious savings could be achieved both in classes and in the number of vehicles used in the state. Vehicles in Turkey in the public sector will now be preferred.

Until September 14

Berat Albayrak was asked to send the necessary lists of all public institutions, ministries, municipalities and SEE & # 39; s until September 14 in the signed letter. For example, for the first time a clear picture of the vehicles of the public and the municipalities will be presented.

After explaining that Albayrak will continue to increase the savings initiated in the budget in 2019, it became clear that this would create rules, especially in certain areas of buying behavior. According to the information obtained; it was learned that both classes of vehicles would be reduced and the numbers would be reduced. Also preferred to use the vehicles produced in Turkey will also be needed.


Albayrak, who gave the sign in the summer in the summer, said:

"The maximum amount of the contribution will be spent on the fight against inflation with the steps taken in the financial field, with the new plan announced (OVP) setting a focus framework for the decline in inflation. The new plan and the steps to combat inflation will soon be visible and measures will be taken with determination and the fight against inflation will be implemented with a holistic approach and complementary policies in coordination with the steps to be taken in the In the context of the growth targets, measures relating to government expenditure have been started for fiscal year 2018. Legislation regarding the distribution of the single treasury account application, which will guarantee the management and efficiency of public funds from a single source, will be passed on. "

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