Scary image on Van Lake … 2 meters!

From Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYU) Faculty of Arts Department of Geography Professor dr. Faruk Alaeddinoğlu said the water level in Van Lake rose 2 meters as a result of global climate change. From, the largest lake in Turkey, which has to contend with rising water levels in the lake as a result of global climate change. In recent years, water levels have risen in the summer months, especially due to the winter and spring of the rain, which had to be pillaged in the autumn.

Prof. dr. From YYÜ who speaks with the correspondent of İHA Faculty of Arts Professor of Geography Prof.Dr. Dr. Faruk Alaeddinoglu explained that in recent years there has been a very serious differentiation in Van Lake's water level. At the level of the lake of more than 2 meters from the entrance and which directly influence the activities in the lake Prof. dr. Dr. Alaeddinoğlu, "Especially the last 20 years is a process that is alive, it's a situation we've seen in Van Lake for 20 years." When the lake level was closed in the past, there was a difference in level and an increase in the summer. of rainfall in autumn and winter, but this difference in level was 50 centimeters, sometimes a meter, especially in recent years this differentiation has surpassed a metric.We now experience more than 2 meters of level differentiation.There seems to be a difference of more than 2 meters in the vertical line during the year in the air.Of course, we can say that this difference directly affects every activity on the ground.In the first instance this affects the transport.It affects the habitats of the livelihood of the coast and the fishing Because fishing in the lake takes place by the approach of the boat boats, ports are cleaned every year in level differentiation, "he said.


Alaeddinoğlu, who explained that global climate change has been showing its effects in a rather frequent and effective way in our country and in many parts of the world lately, "We often live here in Turkey. to link to global climate change. "Nature has a number of effects on the neck that we call disastrous, which manifests itself in periods of 5 ℃, 10 ℃, 20 ℃ and sometimes 50 ℃. We ignore them.This climate change has more dramatic consequences, especially the change in climate is not a rhythmic thing, as everyone thinks, "he said.

Alaeddinoglu pointed out that the increase in water levels would pose a threat to Van Lake during long walks,

"Level rises and declines have been around for many years, but the season in which the evaporation of 2 meters is so violent and the rainfall is so intense is rare." The rains that fell into the lake in the past began in the fall, the winter months. It was the wettest season of the year in the autumn and winter months, but now it is not, it is not raining here in autumn, winter and spring break, so here the drought will continue until winter. "


Alaeddinoğlu, who stated that she observed the rise in water levels in the Van Lake Basin as the best in Ercek Lake, said: "This is an event we have observed, but apart from this year's routine, very severe rainfall has fallen. We do not see much of it in Lake, because Van Lake is a very wide field, but Erçek and other small lakes can see the effect of this very comfortably, and you can testify to all the reeds that birds nest in Erçek Lake, even the walks they visit, even under water, the water level has risen so much that the reeds that nestle birds are now under water. & # 39;

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