Selde Crippled Remains of Family


Five people were recovered from the tragedy in the province of Trabzon due to heavy rainfall.
In the Irfanlı and Yazıclık district, floods caused heavy rains that affected the evening hours. In the neighborhood of İrfanlı, with the rise of the village of Roşi, 5 people were killed in a house in the creek bed and the authorities asked for help. Rafat Ihtiyar, Saadet Ihtiyar, Tuba Ihtiyar, Berat Ihtiyar and Hatice Tokyay, who remained at home because of the way in which AFAD teams were sent to the scene, tried to reach them on foot. After a while, the teams, who had difficulty reaching those who were lame because of the landslide, reached the family using their work machines. With the help of the scoop, the family was taken to the hospital for the precautionary purpose. Rifat Oztiyar stated that they had come to the roof for their fears and said: "There has been heavy rain and an AFAD team has come and saved us."

Citizens tried to evacuate the waters in their homes
From the city of İrfanlı and the city Çamburnu district of the city of Surmene landslides and rapids occurred. Some roads were closed in the center of the Çamburnu district, while some companies flooded the water. After 4 hours of uninterrupted rainfall, some houses were submerged under water. While some buildings were evacuated for preventive purposes, the citizens tried to drain the water themselves. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality intervened in all regions with 20 working machines and 20 water motors from 22:00. The municipal teams will continue to work as smoothly as possible, while the municipality of Büyüksehir has also reported that they have finished their teams in Araklı, which is heavily exposed to rainstorms and landslides.

"There is nothing to worry about"
Mayor Salim Salih Sarıalioğlu said the rain began in the evenings and continued uninterruptedly for four hours: "There is no concern in our 2-3 neighborhoods, there were migrations on the way." The roads were closed, we have them all Our crippled civilians were rescued, there was a flood that blocked his bed on the roof, all the teams continued to work on the field, thank God we have no loss of life, I have minor damage, hopefully everything will be resolved in a short time. "

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