Sinan Ogan from Turkey, writes: iliip me against my son, stay away!

Sinan Ogan from Turkey, writes: iliip me against my son, stay away! last minute development details our news Friday 24 August 2018

Turkey Fuat Ugur newspaper writer, MHP Sinan Ogan issued a "fetö" c "on the destination accounts. Sinan Oğan da Uğur & # 39; s messages to FETISH firarist Emre Uslu Almost every month in my article do not stay with me stay away from my son!

According to a report on site T24, Array said, "We have a breed of brothers and sisters, ropes kidnapping, sending songs …"

News Sinan Ogan of the author's detail to read from Turkey Source: ilişip me against my son, stay away! CLICK HERE

Last minute Agenda news and details of the day:

Last minute: new term in hospitals! With the ID number …

The Ministry of Health launches a new application that will protect the privacy of patients. The names of patients who do not want to be seen on the outpatient clinic screen are hidden. Share Tweet+ a. Last minute: new term in hospitals! On TC number.

5 thousand lira fine for UBER driver: Jobs are fun

The drivers were subjected to criminal proceedings under the UBER and Scotty inspections carried out by the Istanbul Civil Traffic Team Authority. "We have a busy question against UBER, we do not stop at all and the jobs are very good," he said. Share Tweet+ a. 5 thousand

What are the TOKI application requirements? Apply TOKI? Here are the documents from TOKI …

Citizens investigate how TOKI applicants will be made if the developments in TOKİ are on the agenda. Information about TOKI housing, such as house sale prices, terms and conditions of application, can be found on the official website

Bodrum is talking about it! Comes with super luxury yacht, lahmacun distributes buttermilk

Citizens who spent the holiday in Bodrum were shocked to see the free lahmacun ayran of a businessman. While the milk was distributed for the children, the lahmacun distributed for free and holidaymakers who wanted to take the seats flew to the beach. part

Melih Gökçek & # 39; s new mission!

Resident writer Saygı Öztürk, who writes the fate of the Ankapark, "Melih Gökçek, should be tasked with finding an operator," he said. + A -. Share this? Share. Respect Ozturk in the message of today, the Ankapark project of the old Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek …

Last minute: Missing sexual organ found in Şile

Last minute … The missing lifeless body of Syrian Louhey Balhawan was reached from two missing youngsters in Şile. The search for the Kezan Kocali continues. The district governor will not swim to prevent drowning in the district because of the effective wind …

1.5 million vehicles in 7 days, 10 million visitors to Muğla

The number of vehicles that entered the province of Muğla and its counties in the 7 days of the 9-day off-holiday and the number of visitors broke the record of the history of Muğla. The number of vehicles entering Mugla in a week is 1.5 million, the number of domestic tourists is 10 million

Key messages from Parliament Speaker Yıldırım: As our country improves, jealousy increases

Parliament President Binali Yıldırım said: "Our country is growing and developing and as our country grows and evolves, some take their jealousy, increase their hostility, take various tricks to harm our country and our nationality." he said. Binali Yıldırım, Kurban

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