Some events in 2-3 months can result in disasters

Kenan Oktar, who, together with his brother Adnan Oktar in Edirne F Type Criminal, came in an open opinion about the Feast of Sacrifice, had striking explanations.


At his arrest Kenan Oktar said: "In 2-3 months of a number of events, catastrophes can break out, from the earthquake to the time of the war," said Kenan Oktar, "My husband, will I have an earthquake in Istanbul? He said, "Is the house where you live trustworthy?" Then there will be no earthquake in the city where the blessing is, but he says the blessed person came from the city. "We see him as an imam mehdi", said Kenan Oktar, and said: "The RTÜK had said:" I am tracing religious feelings, "but it is the greatest scholar in religious belief.

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