Synthetic Drug Skunk and instructions from the German engineer

A synthetic drug & # 39; skunk & # 39; was confiscated in special packaging at T.M.N. (25), a German computer engineer who lived in Muğla.

The logo on the packaging and the instructions for use warned. The suspect, who was taken into custody, was arrested by the court. (Skunk is a stronger escort and a faster brain death than a fast hallucination.)

Operation was HELD

The teams of the provincial management of the National Police against Narcotic Crimes organized an operation yesterday morning in the house of T.M.N., a computer engineer of German nationality, who reported drug trafficking in the province of Dalaman.


In operation, 1 drug delivery unit, 297 hemp seeds, 1 sensitive scales, 30 resin marijuana, 165 grams of skunk were seized. It was seen that the skunk that was ingested was specially wrapped and the logotype was written on the package.


T.M.N., who was taken into custody, was arrested on the same day that he was referred to him on the same day after his safe operations.


Skunk, known as the skunk & # 39; plant, has a heavy and smelly smell. Skunk material has a hybrid character. Skunk's seed was developed by combining cannabis raw marijuana with other medicines in the laboratory environment. Drug vendors sell their skin to their victims through organic, non-chemical & # 39; to say.


Skunk is a stronger than esoteric and faster brain death than a hallucinatory effect. Skunk, a kind of weed, is stronger than a junkie as a medicine. The brain damage of synthetic cannabis derivatives such as Jamaica and Bonzai is related to power. This means that as the potential of cannabis drugs increases, the risk of brain damage and consequently psychiatric disorders and mental illnesses increases.

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