Terrorist organization treacherous fall of PKK: woman who was married, was seriously injured

A woman who marched in the treacherous fall of PKK terrorists from the terrorist organization in the district of Naimye of Tunceli was seriously injured. The injured woman was referred to the hospital by a jandarman helicopter.

According to the information obtained, Gonul Parlak, a 50-year-old patriarch on the footpath in the countryside of the village of Ramadan in the village of Nazımiye, predetermined the mine by separatist terrorists. When the villagers were informed, 112 and AFAD teams were sent to the scene. Pollak, from the area where the long efforts were terminated, was brought up to the gendarmerie helicopter that sent to the region with the instruction of Tuncay Sonel, the governor of Tunceli. The injured woman was removed by a helicopter from the Elazı Fırat University Research Hospital.

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