That policeman was banned

According to the information received, the policeman in the Muratpaşa Bahçelievler A.K district went to a shopping center near Soguksu on the day of the license on 22 September.

According to the security camera, A.K tried to take the curtain from the other customer Hakan Susam for sale. A.K., defeat him as an answer to Sesame. In the attack of the saw with sesame A.K. He shot her with a gun.

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In addition, during the debate, the citizens tried to calm the parties and help the wounded. It was learned that policeman A.K. after the incident was suspended.

Education and research Hospital Hakan Susam, AA-correspondent, said in a statement with his fiancée that Esra Toprak went to the shopping center and saw a discount for the reserved curtain, he said. At that time, A.K & # 39; nin expressed the curtain Sesame: "We told him we took the curtain, but did not listen to us and tried to take the curtain away from me. came, he took the gun to my leg and fired, he said.

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