The cake began to order and wait, when it was awful

Neighborhood Şemsipaşa Cengiz Topel Street visited the festival during the afternoon event. A person whose name had not yet been learned was in a broom. The attacker, who approached the person waiting for the assignment he gave, showed weapons and was threatened with death. The man who saw the gun began to run away on the street. At this moment the attacker fired his weapon.

The man who managed to escape 50 meters was piled up in blood for the market. The translators who have heard the gunshots have informed the health and police teams. The 112 troops on the scene determined that the attacker had lost his life.

Police teams took security measures by closing the intersection. It was learned that there were no identifications on the exams that were taken over the dead man.

The funeral of the deceased was sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for research. The police began the capture of the fugitive.

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