The case was opened for 3 managers in the death of Alperen who had been forgotten in the maintenance vehicle

In the Çiğli district of İZMİR, Alperen Sakin (3) lost his life in the kindergarten he had forgotten. 6 defendants, 5 years to 9 years in prison were tried on the grounds that they were responsible for the death of Alperen Sakin.

In the incident that took place on August 15, 2017 in the neighborhood Çiçli Köyiçi, the sons of the Buket-Serkan Sakin-couple Alperen Sakin served as the chauffeur of the shuttle Taner İ. (47) and accompanying personnel was transferred to D.K. (17). When the students were downloaded, D.K. to the school and got a crying student. The driver, who noticed the sleeper Alperen in the shuttle, drove by car to the wasteland in the vicinity of the school and used it as a parking space. Small child was lost in service in the hot air lost his life.

After the incident, 6 defendants were annihilated about the guilty killings and the evidence & # 39; crimes opened. On the ground that they were negligent in the death of Alperen and tried to destroy the evidence, he was sent to defendant Taner İ for 9 years, to Dilara K. At the same time, 5 years before Yurdagül ©, who owns of kindergarten, 6 years for Arzu G., 5 years for Bekir G. and 5 years of imprisonment for Ahmet S. In the meantime, a criminal case was not one of the defendants of kindergarten teacher Nurcan A. on the negligence of the case was opened .


Çiğli District National Education Director Mesut Uğurlu and branch managers Hüseyin Buldu and Şener Şan were also investigated for the death of Alperen Sakin. However, the Çiğli District Governorship did not allow the investigation for the three names of the officials. The administrative court in which the prosecutor has lodged an appeal has lifted the decision of the district governor in that direction. The public prosecutor brought a lawsuit on three points of negligence. Mesut Uğurlu and Hüseyin Buldu and Şener Şan will be tried in Karşıyaka Criminal Court of First Instance.

– Izmir

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