The CHP-HDP alliance will continue with local elections

The CHP-HDP alliance will continue with local elections

Former CHP Istanbul deputy Dursun Çiçek became a guest in Habertürk.

Çiçek stated that the HDPs meeting the criteria could nominate candidates from the CHP.


"We always emphasize that the circumstances of local elections are very different" Dien Çiçek continued his words as follows:

"We went to Mardin before the elections and I said that the president of the provincial governor of the Democratic People's Republic (HDP) is the president of the province and that we should have a conversation together." Now we can not discuss these issues with someone who has no ties with the PKK, we have to cooperate with the HDP in the southeast in the east, the MHP in Central Anatolia, the GOOD Party in the West and another party in Trakya at the local elections, otherwise the only one We can not assume an electoral victory for a party that uses the power of the party, the state, the press and all power of the press.

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