The density of holiday tour at Ataturk Airport

Citizens who wanted to escape the intensity of the last days of the holiday in Bayram started their journey to return. Because of the density, there is concentration on the arrival and departure of domestic and international flights, baggage belts, passenger-friendly points. Due to the intensity, the police kept passport control lines open on the arrival side of the international lines, avoiding passport queues.

Intensity to return to holiday at Ataturk Airport


Erdem Özdündar who chose a village in İnebolu for the holidays "We went to İnebolu, which is a cute town Kastamonu for holidays, we chose a quieter and quiet place because of the intensity in Istanbul and the overwhelming crowd .We came 2 days earlier because of the intensity and we follow Istanbul's traffic and flights and we have come back 2 days earlier because of such factors. "

Intensity to return to holiday at Ataturk Airport

Day Muzaffer Özkan from France for a holiday to Turkey, "We have completed our annual holiday We have our holiday Halloween We are going to France via Geneva We went to Konya we started from Kusadasi holiday It was now fine Our country is very nice.A little early to avoid the density Holiday We have set the date so as not to remain on the last day, "he said.

Gülsüm Ozkan said: "Our country is beautiful and our holiday is good, we want to come back to you and we have not left on the last day of the turn to know the intensity."

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Intensity to return to holiday at Ataturk Airport

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Because of the completion of Sacrifice Holiday and the return journey, the flowing intensity of the Anatolian Highway to Istanbul continues.

While there is traffic in İstanbul between the Bolu mountain tunnel with Kaynaşlı, Sarıçökek, Bakacak, 1, 2 and 3 viaducts, there is no problem.

Yol, Gümüşova slopes between the border between Düzce and Sakarya and Yeşilyayla also have traffic. D-100 Highway and D-655 West Black Sea Connection Road have no vehicle density.

Traffic teams, 9 days of vacation because of the intensity of the spread of days, when there is an accident in the traffic jam, said no expectation.

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