The first day of the party was 7000 88 starting butcher hospitals

DHA | 21 August 2018 Tuesday – 16:20 | Last updated: 21 08 2018 – 19:01

– As it is every year in KURBAN Bayrami, the beginning butchers who were injured while sacrificing this year also went to the emergency services of the hospitals. The number of victims injured throughout the country and applied to the hospital was 7,888.

It was Istanbul with 1226 people who were the first to appear in this sacrificial festival for beginning butchers. Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 603 people. Hospitals were not allowed in the city centers of Tunceli, Bingöl and Siirt, while in all other cases hospitals were serving new butchers. Most of the wounded injured, arm and legs, were injured and were discharged after ambulatory treatment. Some injured patients were admitted to various services, mainly orthopedic services.


Demirören News Agency reporters reported that according to reports the number of injured butchers injured and applied to hospitals during the sacrifice was as follows:

Ankara 603, Antalya 61, Artvin 20, Aydın 69, Balıkesir 63, Bilecik 66, Bitlis 4, Bolu 37, Burdur 48, Bursa 162, Çanakkale 98, Çankırı 40, Çorum 72, Denizli 182, Diyarbakir 3, Edirne 12, Elazig 18 , Erzincan 74, Erzurum 227, Eskisehir 119, Gaziantep 106, Giresun 15, Gümushane 6, Hakkari 10, Hatay 55, Isparta 33, Mersin 154, Istanbul 1226, Izmir 195, Kars 204, Kastamonu 11, Kayseri 135, Kırklareli 7, 37 , Kocaeli 92, Konya 96, Kutahya 108, Malatya 98, Manisa 98, Kahramanmaras 113, Mardin 17, Mugla 22, Mus 65, Nevsehir 43, Nigde 120, Ordu 6, Rize 33, Sakarya 83, Samsun 93, Sinop 6, Sivas 130, Tekirdağ 11, Tokat 178, Trabzon 12, Sanliurfa 121, Usak 94, From 23, Yozgat 145, Zonguldak 21, Aksaray 27, Bayburt 40, Karaman 43, Kırıkkale 111, Batman 13, Sirnak 3, Bartin 26 Ardahan 24, Iğdır 35, Yalova 33, Karabuk 25, Kilis 19, Osmaniye 82, Düzce 82,


Some beginning butchers who hurt themselves during the sacrifice said they surprised the beginning butchers they had heard before. Sivas Cemil Sahin, one of the people injured during the slaughter, said: "In the past," how can people cut themselves off? "" It was so easy that I laughed at the cutters and the knife fell on my foot.

"Our victim was a little mischievous, and the beast was wearing an ipe," he said, "when he hurt, he hit me with his horn, and with the coup I hit it with the coup, and if he did not get away, he passed.

Sadat Maden, who was injured while sacrificing in Sakarya, said she saw such things as funny while watching TV, but she realized that it was a bad situation to live. She said, "I grabbed the nylon rope at the beginning and pulled it like a knife." Yukov Omer Faruk Kurt said, my friend missed the knife. That is what happens. Sweat enters the gym, "he said.

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