The first statement of suspects who made recordings at the American embassy came forward

The two men, determined to shoot at the American embassy in Ankara, claimed that they had drunk alcohol before and that they randomly took pictures while crossing the embassy.

USAhmet Çelikten and Osman Gündaş, who had fired six shots at the Turkish embassy in Ankara, would have used alcohol in the vehicle they used during the attack, and would have been involved in the attack. In the case of steel, "In recent times the dollar has risen, the president of the United States,"He said.

US Ankara His friend Osman Gündaş, who has a criminal record of 6 crimes such as injury, drugs, threats, car theft, intentionally injuring, with Ahmet Çelikten, who is also wanted for his escape from prison, who fired six hands at the embassy, ​​It is.

Fevzi Kızılkoyun from HürriyetAccording to the report, the investigation is now being carried out by the Public Security Branch Directorate instead of terrorism. The suspects could not be identified with an organization. As far as the intelligence units are searching for the question whether the attackers instruct them & chaos & provocation & # 39; to do, and whether their links exist, no finding has been made so far. While the mobile phones and social media accounts of the attackers are being investigated, they look at their connections.

& # 39; NO ONE MINUTE & # 39;
The unlicensed 9 mm diameter gun used for the offensive was sent to the criminal laboratory to determine if it was used in other cases. It was established that Ahmet Çelikten had shot at the embassy and Osman Gündaş used the vehicle from the attackers. It is established that the suspects have escaped the 06 BDP 502 vehicle of Gündaş. In the first statement of the shooter, Çelikten said:

"I called Osman and met him, then we drove around in the car and started drinking alcohol The recent crisis in the dollar, the American threats to Turkey, we were talking about the statement of the American president. to do something because of alcohol While I continued drinking alcohol in the car, I decided not to shoot while crossing the embassy building There is no one who directs, instructs or steers I decided to organize such an event by to annoy the people who lived in the last period. "It has been reported that the suspects who continue their questions are referred to the judiciary today.

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