The funeral schedule of Gungor Uras was clear

Economic writer Güngör Uras lost his life. Şükrü Andaç, director of the newspaper Economy of the Milliyet, told the social media: "Güngör Uras lost my husband … We are right …".

The funeral of Güngör Uras will be given to the grave on the Aşiyan cemetery after the afternoon prayer on 22 August 2018 in the Bebek mosque.

On the corner of the Milliyet newspaper Uras made it easier for the citizens to understand economic writings with the examples of "Ayşe Aeya" and "Ali Riza Uncle".

Who is Güngör Uras?

Economic writer Prof. dr. Dr. Tevfik Gungor Uras was born in 1933.

Güngör Uras, who completed his primary and secondary education at the TED Yenişehir College in Ankara, graduated in 1955 from the Faculty of Political Science faculty of the University of Ankara. In 1988 he earned his right to become associate professor at the Boğaziçi University and became a professor at Marmara University in 1994.

Uras started his career at the general management of Halk Bank and later worked as Minister of Foreign Affairs Planning Planning, Expert of the Department of Economic Planning. Between 1974 and 1980 he was secretary-general of TÜSİAD. Gungor Uras, the chairman of the board of Aksigorta, She worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and as a lecturer at the Marmara University Faculty of Communication until 2001. In 1968, Turkey started Uras, a columnist in the daily reports of Economic Affairs, Reporting Sun, Morning, New Century, respectively, and was a columnist for the Milliyet newspaper in the world.

Güngör Uras, professor at the university since 1980. Dr. T. Güngör Uras, T. Güngör Uras, Güngör Uras, Tevfik Güngör and Ali Rıza Kardüz have written about 10,000 articles.

The funeral ceremony was certain

A funeral prayer will be held for the Duayan journalist on Wednesday, August 22 at the Baby Mosque. After this ceremony the funeral of Uras is buried in the Aşiyan cemetery.


They have issued a condolence message for Güngör Uras

Many writers for Uras published condolence messages. These are these messages

Economist Mahfi In his message on Twitter shared by social media account Twitter, "Master of the world of economics, our teacher, we lost our brother Gungor Uras." He said.

Master of the world of economics, our teacher, we have lost our brother Gungor Uras. Let's sit up straight.

– Mahfi Eğilmez (@Mahfiegilmez) August 19, 2018

Uğur Gürses: He did not drop his pen until his last breath

Former writer Hürriyet Uğur Gürses said: "Güngör Uras did not let his pen fall until his last breath. The effort to learn while writing was worth respect. Sorry. "

Gungor Uras did not drop his pen until his last breath. The effort to learn while writing was worth respect. Sorry.

– Good luck (@ugurses) August 19, 2018

Hasan Cemal: We are fine

Journalist writer Hasan Cemal shared on Twitter: "Dear Güngör Uras, we have lost friends for years, our dear Nuran, we are all right." he said.

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