The gossip from the neighbors dug out the house

Fatih Yedikule on the historical peninsula of Istanbul found gold graves under the houses of his neighbors and found the empire and spread quickly.

The crews of the Fatih County Police Security Police Agency carried out an operation on Yedikule Imam Aşir Sokak 3, a historic wooden building, stating that illegal historic works have been unearthed in a house & # 39 ;.


During the operation it was determined that the owner of the house had thrown a huge pit of 2 meters wide at a depth of 6 meters in the basement. To prevent attention being paid, the land that was excavated was also collected in the rooms of the house.


According to Habertürk, the landlord heard that some of his neighbor's houses were digging gold, found gold lumps, and looked for gold because it might be under his own house.

A legal action was taken against the owner of the illegal digging of a house in the basement of the house for opposition to Law No. 2863 on the protection of cultural and natural resources.

The landlord, who was pronounced by the police, was released without trial.

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